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Interior design - Penthouse - Herzliya S



Location: Herzliya Pituach
Built area: 180 square meters
Balcony area: 80 square meters


The penthouse apartment in Herzliya Pituach, facing the sea and located in a luxury complex, was designed for a couple in their 60s who love modern art and lots of colors.

The design is young, minimalistic, happy, and colorful, combining bright neutral colors that are broken using intense but restrained colors according to the client's request.





We enter the central space, which includes a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room, surrounded by windows and a balcony with a spectacular view of the sea.

The kitchen, which catches the eye both in its size and unique color, is an integral part of the central space since the work counter designed on the island allows the homeowners to look at the view and to be in constant direct contact with those present in the area.

A wall of high elements is in the kitchen, with a hidden door in the color of the kitchen that connects to the pantry. In addition, a unit was designed with hidden doors for a coffee corner. When the unit is open, you discover a surprise of additional color spots that correspond with the color of the island.

The central space uses a repetition of the color chosen for the island while throwing identical color spots to the cushions of the sitting area and the art hanging near the dining area.

In the living room, a unit was designed that combines a gas fireplace and TV with hidden lighting effects to create an atmosphere.
The apartment is characterized by a high ceiling with a minimalist plasterboard that has breaks in the perimeter, generating a sense of levitation.
Each area in the house received its own stain of color in its appropriate proportion and maintained composition and color harmony in the apartment.


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