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Lilian Benshoam holds a master's degree in architecture on behalf of the Universidad de la República in Uruguay, where she was born, educated, and opened her first architecture and interior design firm,
specializing in designing houses, luxury apartments, offices, and clinics.
Upon her immigration to Israel in 1997, Lilian established a similar firm here.

"Lilian Benshoam Architects" combines Lilian's charm and dynamism, along with professionalism and uncompromising execution.
The work process is always performed in full accord with the client's needs and requirements, based on a thorough study of the project,
while paying attention to the finish, both small and large details.



"In each project, I incorporate a design line that suits the customer's taste, whether he or she likes the rural, classic, or modern style, and combine timeless trends. It is important to me to present the design idea in each design and work through the perception of practicality, fully suited to the customer's requirements and vision. As part of my work, I accompany projects. I take action to promote the project while emphasizing the perception of space and its flow. Also, I believe in establishing a personal and professional relationship with the customer.
I also believe in studying the project from the early design stages to the last detail in the structure. This includes planning and designing the structure, beginning with a program, work plans, and coordination between experts, all according to the project and client's requirements.
All these create the most professional architectural service and make the process an incredible experience."





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